Flexible Approach to Addressing Client Needs

Fuld + Company's offers the flexibility for clients to carve a relationship that best fits their needs, whether it is for one or more of the following alternatives:

  • Custom and proprietary business intelligence research projects
  • Ad hoc business intelligence research
  • Ongoing industry/competitor monitoring
  • Outsourced business intelligence department
  • Design and Implementation of In-House Competitive Intelligence Process
  • Training to transfer critical skills

Ongoing Communication and Collaboration
Fuld + Company views its clients as partners, so our approach, whether for research, process design and implementation or training, requires ongoing communication and collaboration to maximize the results of our "partnership". We work side by side with clients to assess needs and develop solutions to address them. We help clients devise strategy with the advantage of a broad external perspective on the competitive environment. Even on research assignments, where much of the work is conducted from Fuld's offices, we do not work in isolation. Instead, we provide an ongoing stream of results so that you can participate in shaping the end product into the most effective decision support tool that it can be.

Client Testimonials

"Fuld + Company offers the expertise and hands-on knowledge to help any company develop proficiency in competitive or business intelligence. Fuld has the insights and ability to mentor almost any intelligence program from a fledgling intelligence function to a mature service. Their intelligence services, ranging from research and analysis support, to running strategic gaming sessions for management, to helping clients understand the role technology can play in intelligence, makes them the best-in-class consultancy, bar none."

-Clare Hart
President and CEO, Factiva
(A Dow Jones - Reuters Company)