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The Fuld Global Network is a multinational web of partners and affiliates designed to seamlessly serve clients in all of the world’s major business regions. With offices in Boston, London and Manila, Fuld + Company has in-house, on-the-ground resources and language capabilities to cover the United States, Canada, and all of Western Europe. In addition, through affiliates and partners, our global capabilities extend to include Latin America, Australia, and all major Asian business centers.

Fuld & Companny Global Capabilities


Company Press

"The undisputed dean of competitive intelligence”

–Fast Company

"Fuld coined the term competitive intelligence”

–Business 2.0

"The undisputed dean of competitive intelligence”


"Fuld is the grand dame of the industry, can help with all aspects of the competitive intelligence"

-Time Magazine

"“Fuld is in fact known in the CI world to be a highly ethical – as well as – effective firm."

-Christian Science Monitor