Fuld + Company is the world’s preeminent research and consulting firm in the field of competitive intelligence

Founded in 1979, the firm has served over half the U.S. Fortune 500 and numerous international clients. Our teams are organized along industry lines, with centers of expertise in consumer products, technology, telecommunications, financial services, business services, insurance, pharmaceuticals/ healthcare, and industrial manufacturing. Fuld delivers customized, proprietary research, analysis and consulting designed to help clients:

  • understand the competition
  • seize market opportunities
  • anticipate and thwart competitive challenges
  • drive growth and boost profits

Build competitive advantage. Information is everywhere. Intelligence is unique, harder to find. Intelligence earns its name only when it serves a purpose, when it informs a decision. Fuld’s Primary Research and Analysis  enables more informed judgments related to mergers and acquisitions, new product introductions, market entry, tactical sales plans, distribution channels, cost reduction programs, restructuring, supply chain management, employee recruitment and retention, and a variety of other critical business decisions.

Anticipate competitive threats. Fuld’s services help clients develop their competitive intelligence programs through monitoring, training, war games + strategy workshops and mentoring support. These advisory services are centered on a thorough analysis of your situation, existing business processes, the (softer) internal dynamics within your organization, and our seasoned understanding of what it takes to develop a world class competitive intelligence function. Our war game simulations help anticipate competitive moves before your rivals make them and enable response to act quickly and decisively on competitive issues of high strategic importance.

Create external focus. The ever-mounting challenges of today’s markets— new competitors, new ways of doing business, emerging technologies, and intense client demands— have raised the intelligence function to a business imperative. Fuld helps clients through its Intelligence Process Consulting to bring the external picture into focus. We develop strategies that anticipate change rather than react to it. We can direct the entire process of establishing an intelligence capability, or we can guide you through specific aspects of its development. Our approach is flexible and designed to meet the unique needs of each client.

Fuld + Company’s impressive record of repeat business--over 90% of our clients re-engage--is a testimony to the quality and value of our work. We are the global leader in competitive intelligence.

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Client Testimonials

"Fuld + Company offers the expertise and hands-on knowledge to help any company develop proficiency in competitive or business intelligence. Fuld has the insights and ability to mentor almost any intelligence program from a fledgling intelligence function to a mature service. Their intelligence services, ranging from research and analysis support, to running strategic gaming sessions for management, to helping clients understand the role technology can play in intelligence, makes them the best-in-class consultancy, bar none."

-Clare Hart
President and CEO, Factiva
(A Dow Jones - Reuters Company)

"Fuld is the grand dame of the industry, can help with all aspects of the competitive intelligence"

-Time Magazine

"Fuld is in fact known in the CI world to be a highly ethical - as well as - effective firm."

-Christian Science Monitor