How We Work

It's not work, it's a challenge.

Our clients ask us to help them navigate a complex and often fast-moving marketplace. They expect us to provide the insight required to resolve their issues, to offer strategic options and to help seize opportunities. We relish taking on their challenges; we do little that is routine, and we generate new ideas almost daily.

Flexible Approach to Client Needs

We have very distinct business objectives, but recognize that there is more than one way to achieve those goals. Creativity, innovation, and an unyielding doggedness are key factors that have enabled Fuld + Company to remain at the forefront of the business and competitive intelligence field.

  • Custom and proprietary business intelligence research projects
  • Ad hoc business intelligence research
  • Ongoing industry/competitor monitoring
  • Outsourced business intelligence department
  • Design and Implementation of In-House Competitive Intelligence Process
  • Training to transfer critical skills

Why people trust us

"Fuld + Company offers the expertise and hands-on knowledge to help any company develop proficiency in competitive or business intelligence. Fuld has the insights and ability to mentor almost any intelligence program from a fledgling intelligence function to a mature service. Their intelligence services, ranging from research and analysis support, to running strategic gaming sessions for management, to helping clients understand the role technology can play in intelligence, makes them the best-in-class consultancy, bar none."

-Clare Hart, President and CEO, Factiva (A Dow Jones Company)

Let us design a solution to benefit your organization.

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  • Brand + Corporate Competitive Insights
  • War Games / Competitive Simulations
  • Market Analysis, Share + Sizing
  • Supply Chain Mapping
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  • Brand + Product Positioning
  • Product Portfolio Roadmap
  • New Market Entry / Segmentation
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Win / Loss Bid Support
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  • Early Warning + Scenario Planning
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Merger / Acquisition + Licensing
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Business Model / Industry Convergence
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