At Fuld, our research is more effective, our analysis is more insightful, and our recommendations are more powerful because of our vertical industry expertise.

We serve clients across a wide range of industries, with specialization in the following sectors:

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Asia Pacific

Fuld + Company, through its Manila office location, covers the Asia Pacific region across markets from New Zealand, Australia & Japan in the east, to the Indian sub-continent, and the Middle East.  Fuld’s Research Team provides critical insights on market movements, industry structures, competitive activities, regulatory changes, and even partner search and evaluation across multiple industries within each of the major Asia Pacific countries. Read More

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Business Services

Fuld + Company’s Business Services Practice supports clients from the hospitality, legal, consulting, outsourcing, education, and many other industries as to understand and conquer the invisible competition they face. An ongoing stream of timely and accurate competitive intelligence enables our B2B clients to compete more effectively and efficiently, and to win more often. Read More

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Consumer Products / Retail

At Fuld, our experts in the Consumer Goods and Retail Practice take special care to recognize the unique dynamics at play in marketing and selling consumer products. Our staff brings a depth of experience in addressing issues that are most critical to competing in this fast-paced sector. This expertise, combined with our rigorous primary research methodology, enables Fuld to deliver strategic and tactical recommendations that help clients achieve strong financial results and lasting competitive advantage. Read More


Financial Services

To anticipate what the future holds and to deal more effectively with the current competitive environment, financial services companies must look beyond themselves for insights and validation. By identifying potential roadblocks and opportunities they can craft resilient strategies that allows them to grow, even in uncertain economic times. Fuld + Company’s Financial Services Practice has provided clients with this needed competitive intelligence insight and foresight for decades. Read More

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Insurance carriers are seeing their playing fields evolve more rapidly than ever before, with the implementation of best practices considered table-stakes. Setting strategy without a clear understanding of where an industry is going or how change drivers will impact business plans is increasingly dangerous. It is no surprise then that Fuld is seeing dramatic growth in the need for its competitive intelligence in insurance research and strategic gaming businesses. Read More


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Life Sciences

Fuld + Company’s Life Sciences Practice understands all of this, providing all levels of competitive intelligence support from research to strategic gaming, while maintaining the highest legal and ethical standards. We know the companies, the changing landscapes, and the competitive environment the future holds. We have been the competitive intelligence professionals-of-choice for the life sciences industry for over two decades. Since that time, over 100 biotech, pharmaceutical and diagnostics/device companies have come to Fuld + Company for their training, custom research, and systems consulting needs. Read More

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Manufacturing / Industrial

Fuld + Company’s Industrial and Manufacturing Practice brings a depth of experience in addressing issues that business-to-business and business-to-consumer industrial products and service companies typically face. Our understanding comes from corporate and consulting experience, as well years in providing actionable intelligence to a broad range of clients in a myriad of industries covering a broad range of issues. Companies turn to us for intelligence to aid their strategic decision-making and for guidance in improving their operations so that they can compete more effectively and efficiently. Read More

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Our professional staff bring years of hands-on experience in the technology space, as well as a deep history of consulting engagements covering all aspects of competition in the high-tech arena. We offer a wide range of high-impact services including primary research, win-loss analysis, competitor monitoring in addition to our competitive response and war-game workshops. Read More